Monday, January 10, 2005

well kiddos, i've got some actual, real live, honest to goodness, 100% good news for you. yes, you read that right, i have ACTUAL HAPPINESS to report.

can you hardly stand it? can you feel the excitement and anticipation in the air? it's like good vibrations are COMING OFF YOUR COMPUTER SCREEN. FROM A FREAKING GRAY BLOG.




uh-huh, that's right. you got it. it's my birthday! woo!!!!!!

you are now reading the blog of the newest supervisor at [insert company's name here]. and i am MORE than pleased about it.

what do i do? well, i am now in charge of the miscellaneous orders that come through the factory. these include, but are not limited to, suspenders, gloves, hoods, harnesses, and patches. sounds exciting? probably not to you. but to me it is.

so celebrate everyone! my job is kind of fun now! it involves walking! and reading! and A COMPUTER! i even get to E-MAIL. yes, you read that right. E-MAIL. i have my very own company e-mail account. (i'm currently considering changing my signature to "mayor of miscellany.")

and on one final note, if you could please refer to me as "supervisor lil" from now on, i'd really appreciate it. this way, i will know that everyone sees and respects my authority.

thank you and good night.