Saturday, January 22, 2005

for those of you who care, i DID call lana.

and we spent the first thirty minutes or so talking about blogs. mainly about her blog and my blog and the blogs of others and the linking of said blogs, etc. because here's the deal, lana has a BLOG. and it's a wonderful blog. an honest blog. an exceedingly well written blog. but she's been a little weirded out about the publicity of her blog. but today, TODAY, she has decided to come out about her blog. oh glorious and happy day!

of course, i am biased because i have always loved her writing style. lana and i were fellow english majors at good old OBU. she was the super smart one who did independent studies and courted the love and affection of dr. mrs. wink. she wooed johnny wink with her non-participatory ways. she made positive impressions on BOTH dr. sonheims, which is amazing, considering dr. mr. sonheim doesn't even remember MY NAME. she even got dr. greer to talk about something other than china. and THAT, my friends, is a feat in and of itself.

yes, lana and i cavorted around those hallowed halls mocking others and making jokes and wishing we fit in better. we laughed, we cried, we witnessed frisbee golf. i mean, who else could i have memorized sonnets with AND make late night taco bell runs AT THE SAME TIME?

and now you and i get to read about her life all the time! on the internet! for free!

so iceegirl productions is pleased to announce the newest link on my sidebar. lana. it's good to finally point everyone to the thing i helped her set up A REALLY LONG TIME AGO.

so please, go bask in the joy of lana. NOW.