Monday, December 06, 2004

iceegirl productions has decided to expand its horizons. we've feel it's time we moved away from melancholy posts about sucky lives and ex-boyfriends and stupid jobs and blah. blah. blah. granted, that IS our bread and butter, but frankly, we're depressing ourselves. therefore, it is time for a cheery post. and what's more cheery for this time of year than a product pitch? we know we couldn't think of a better way to boost morale than to try and sell you something that YOU DON'T WANT.

therefore, with much fanfare and pomp and circumstance, iceegirl productions is proud to present:
THE BABY BUNNY (ahem, cue the trumpets)

anybody want a bunny for christmas?

because this year, you have the opportunity to have santa drop off a little bundle of furry joy right under your tree!

you've heard of "the dog?" well, how about "the rabbit?" only this time, you don't get a stale image on a mug, notebook, or poster, but a REAL LIVE ANIMAL. it is not, i repeat, NOT a STUFFED replica of an animal. this is the REAL DEAL, people! and not only is it REAL, it's also NOT a dog! it's a bunny! and everybody knows a baby bunny is a bagillion times cuter than a baby dog.

and if you act now, there is no need to enhance the bunny's feature to include that classic "big head look." that's right, it comes with an incredibly massive head all on its own! and there's no extra charge necessary for this monumental mass of a furry top.

the baby bunny also comes with a few special features perfect for the first time pet owner.

first, there is the "adorable cleaning of the face with the teeny tiny baby bunny front paws" feature. look at that people, it's clean and it is SO. FREAKING. CUTE. plus, bunnies don't get those nasty hairballs that certain OTHER animals gets. (hint: that animal rhymes with "hat.")

second, there is the "i can travel anywhere in anything" feature. yes, people, they carry! real easy! like, totally! just stick 'em in a cardboard tube and they're ready to go! (note the t-shirt in the background. see? it says, "i'm a keeper." which is EXACTLY what this little baby bundle of bunny joy is!)

and finally, we want to appeal to all the men out there. so ladies, please skip the following part as it may ruin the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER for you.

let's think guys. what better way to say, "i love you," than by providing that special someone with a little furry fuzzball to have and to hold till death do they part? it's cheaper than a diamond and includes WAY LESS COMMITTMENT.

seriously, just look at this. bunny by candlelight. what more could a girl want?

and if you act now, you'll get a FREE dog who pees on your clothes whenever she feels like it! so hurry while supplies last!