Sunday, October 03, 2004

so i'm thinking i need to find a church to go to. you know, like permanently.

i'm not sure how many dayton people read this blog, but i figure it's worth a shot to ask. anybody got any suggestions on churches to visit?


the dayton metro library had a FREAKING HUGE booksale this weekend. i purchased two boxes of books for under $30. i scored two margaret atwood books and "the last sin eater" by francine rivers. i also got some "i'm an english graduate and feel the need to purchase this because it will make me look intellectually superior to all of you people buying danielle steele." these purchases included, but are not limited to, "the odyssey," "tristan and iseult," "rabbit is rich," "rabbit at rest," and "the three musketeers." but we all know i'm NOT an intellectual snob (honestly, just look at this blog! it doesn't even look like i went to college!), so i grabbed enough john grisham books to keep my stupid level REALLY low for a VERY LONG TIME.

the real jewel, though, was this cd. you can read the songs for yourself, but allow me to point out that it has 'ALL THAT SHE WANTS' BY ACE OF BASE. and if you really know me, then you know that having that song in my possession is more important than life itself. if you don't know me that well, then i'm sure you're confused beyond belief. and i'll only tell you the significance of that song if you're really good and i'm feeling generous. VERY generous.


i'd also like to announce that i have a new five year plan. the following will be a short synopsis, providing the avid iceegirl reader with an outline of the highlights of this plan.

1) wait until robin graduates from wsu.
2) force her and jimmy to move to little rock, ar with me
3) go to lots of hogs games
4) hang out with many old friends and remember what it was like when people liked me
5) get a job
6) go to church and sit behind this guy
7) be happy

brilliant? genius? inspired? i know. because seriously, if you can't be happy in arkansas, then i don't think you CAN be happy.

woo pig sooiee.