Friday, October 15, 2004

review of my week:

monday: find out that best friend's mom eloped this weekend. this upsets best friend and sister VERY MUCH.

break diet.

tuesday: find out that parsnip may get arthritis because she has screwed up tendons in her knee. she's in so much pain that the doctor can't even accurately assess the damage.

break diet.

wednesday: have fellow inspectors point out that i am single AND am stuck in a deadend job despite the fact that i hold a degree.

realize that "OH MY GOD, i AM pathetically single and stuck in a deadend job that i hate and has NOTHING TO DO WITH A DEGREE THAT I AM IN DEBT FOR."

break diet.

thursday: wake up with fantastically red, puffy, itchy face. spend all day looking like an idiot.

find out that ex-boyfriend is engaged.

break diet.

friday: spend half the day crying as realization hits that "OH MY GOD, he's engaged and we only broke up less than a year ago and he said he wanted to marry ME this time last year but then he left me because i must have run him off because of my horribleness and why'd he say he loved me when he knew he wouldn't and i was pretty sure i was over him and didn't want him, but I CAN'T BREATHE and it hurts me too much, and why am i so single and NOT engaged and no man will ever want me because i am an ugly slut."

break diet.

come home to find that electricity has been cut off despite morning electronic payment.