Monday, October 04, 2004

if you'll glance on over to the "other blogs" list, you'll see that i've added someone new. he's a fellow former obu-er by the name of chuck. of course, when you go to his site, you'll see he goes by "charles" now. and really, i know, in order to be mature and grown-uppy, i should change his link to "charles," but i just can't. he was "chuck" when i met him and "chuck" he shall stay. (or until the guilt weighs in) anyway, his blog is very serious and intelligent and it intimidates the snot out of me. but i've decided to be a pansy no more and link to his blog! after all, myles has been blowing me out of the water for MONTHS now. it's times like these when i like to pretend that we (and this "we" includes this guy. who goes by robert and i will, of course, call "bob") all didn't go to the same college and take the same classes from the same professors. they all turned out so intelligent and eloquent and charming and DEEP. and i turned out...kinda pink.

hmmmmm....the feelings of disappointment and guilt aren't there. must be the steak drowning them all away....