Sunday, September 05, 2004

yesterday was a wonderful day. unfortunately, i'm really tired and can't take the time to explain to you how awesome it was. fortunately, though, i did take the time to post a few pictures from our trip to the columus zoo. they have manatees. and really, what more does a zoo need? so enjoy these pics for now. i'm gonna probably set up a yahoo photo album, so you can see all of the cute zoo photos. and i'll definitely work up a post telling you about my wonderful day. thank you God that i FINALLY had a great day!

alrite, enough of all of that.

now, iceegirl productions is proud to present: "manatees and statues." enjoy!

this is me with a manatee. yes, i realize the manatee seems kinda transparent. but i promise he was real and eating lettuce while i smiled. silly glass reflections!

this is the big poppa manatee. need i say more?

kids think these cute little statues at the zoo are jungle gyms. i, however, think they're a great chance for me to look stupid with lifeless objects. (aka GREAT photo ops.)
for some reason, they had this alligator in the manatee coast. i'm really not sure why, but being the faithful louisiana girl that i am, i didn't question it. when there's an alligator that's not moving, you have to pose with it. i felt all cajun/"waterboy"-ish.

robin and i also felt totally obliged to smile with the manatees. dang, i love those creatures. i got a super cute stuffed one that i have named manfred. he's going by "manny" for short and he is glorious in all of his plump manatee-ness.

i then, of course, had to pose with this huge hog. mainly, because it looks like a razorback. and that just makes my southern heart sing with pride. well, at least the arkansan part sings. (it's really rough when you feel loyalty to different schools. and at this point, i would like to send a shout out to my lsu tigers for actually wining their first game. see? it's like i have mulitple personalities. i like the hogs AND the tigers. what am i going to do???)
but i digress....
so for this statue, i had three little words. woo. pig. sooiee.