Friday, September 10, 2004

this post shall consist of random thoughts i've had at work and haven't gotten a chance to post yet. and no, they're not in any particular order.

today is friday and i am so happy. i thought i appreciated fridays before working at the factory, but i was wrong. my love for fridays was just a weak "like" compared to the awe-inspiring happiness that fridays bring me now. you have no idea how thrilled i am for another weekend. too bad it's marred by a four hour day of work tomorrow.

i am the proud owner of this spiffy little radio. so that means i am now able to listen to the radio ALL DAY LONG at work. this is pretty cool, except you can only get, like, 2 stations on the factory floor and 94.5 is the only one i can find. i used to like 94.5. sure, they were kinda annoying with those "z-90-lame" ads, but i was okay with the station. until today.
they played "o.p.p." today. and it wasn't just once. nope, they played it FOUR (4!) times. yes, you read that right. they played a perverted song from when i was in the fifth grade FOUR TIMES TODAY. this brought me back to memories of sunday school at good old FBC Covington and the day we had to make a word search puzzle. we split into two groups, boys and girls, and melissa mcgee and jessica norton proceeded to put 'OPP' in every single free space of the puzzle. so they handed it to the boys, who of course commented that "gee, somebody must have to pee!" i couldn't figure out for the life of me why melissa would write those three letters over and over again until jessica whispered the meaning to me. i immediately repented for hearing those three little words and considered becoming catholic so i could do a couple of hail mary's just to make sure that my soul wasn't in any danger after hearing THAT said during church. i spent the rest of the sunday school hour squirming, TERRIFIED that the teacher would figure out what those three little letters meant and get us ALL in trouble.
as a child, i only knew vaguely of the song since my parents only let me listen to Christian music. however, getting to hear it FOUR times today, made me realize how extremely dirty that song is. so four times the fun with "o.p.p." plus multiple hearings of petey pablo, have caused me to re-evaluate the radio idea at work. can't they play something other than horny rap songs?

i suck at my job. i am just too slow to work at a factory. i always knew that i was "slow" in the sense that i walk and talk and think slow, but now it seems i also SEE too slow. i'm just not catching the skips and pleats and raws quickly enough for the factory's liking. i should be churning out satsifactory garments at the speed of light and instead, i'm put-putting along at maybe HALF the expected rate. and i only reach half on a GOOD day...a really, really good day. and even when i reach that blessed half, it's usually marred by my supervisor AND trainer both pointing out EVERY SINGLE MISTAKE i make. and i'm not supposed to make mistakes, i catch them, not MAKE them. and it's just so frustrating. i graduated from college with a 4.0. why can't i inspect a damn pair of pants???

you know what? during my 24 years on this earth, i've had three different guys tell me that they wanted to marry me. i think that's a problem.

the "guess your weight" guy isn't so bad now. he helped me out of a big mess i made without letting anyone "important" knowing. that way, i didn't get ANOTHER lecture on all the things i do wrong AND i got to fix the problem quickly and easily. i love that "guess your weight" guy.