Wednesday, September 01, 2004

i just want everyone to know that if hoover quits blogging because of anonymous haters, then i will be very NOT PLEASED. and you don't want a displeased iceegirl on your hands. i haven't had an icee in over 2 weeks and i am just LOOKING for a good fight. so, anonymous hater, if i know you, and i find out who you are, then we shall have WORDS.


well, i just deleted a super juicy post about my past loves. sorry kids, no good gossip fodder for you today. i don't know, it seemed so freaking pretentious, i just couldn't do it. i know, you're sad. me too. i was looking forward to laying my heart out for all the internet world to read. but alas, today isn't the day. but don't fear! i saved that draft and may post it yet. (unless of course, you're one of my many ex-boyfriends. then you should fear. because i may kill you with my words.)

this means i have nothing to write about. i suppose i could tell you about work. you know, talk about the "guess your weight" guy and the fire drill we had today, but i'm pretty sure that would bore you to tears. or, i could tell you the drama of the "shipping today" pants that took all day to come back from repairs. that was the big thing of the day. yep, you read rite. the BIG thing. so basically, what i'm trying to say is that my life SUCKS. it's so freaking boring now. gah! i HATE being an adult!

has anybody else noticed that this post is really stupid? it's all because of the factory, i tell you. the factory...the place where they suck your mind out and replace it with a machine that snips and inspects at the rate of 4 garments an hour.