Tuesday, September 21, 2004

i have "earbud trauma."

so today was my first day at work with iPod. it should have been a day of great rejoicing and love. instead, it was full of weeping and gnashing of teeth. i thought that iPod would allow me to enjoy music on the go without having to hear the incessant prattling of my co-workers. it would make time go by faster and make all things good.

but nooooooooooooooooooooo, i have to have WUSSY EARS.

i am probably the only person in the entire world who finds iPod's earbuds FANTASTICALLY uncomfortable. and i'm not talking just a little "ouchy" here. i'm talking, "i just took this earbud out and now i feel like my ear is BLEEDING!" oh my word, they gave me headaches and jawaches and earaches. and for some reason, my right ear is smaller than my left one. this means that the earbud would just randomly pop out of my ear, like a freaking piece of bread in a toaster. so i spent half the day NOT listening to music and the other half trying to enjoy music over the pain.

i've got to go buy some headphones.