Monday, September 27, 2004

apparently, all i think about at work are lists. lists to post on here, lists to e-mail people, grocery lists, and to do lists. and today, you lucky iceegirl readers get TWO lists. things that annoy me and things that make me happy. it's your LUCKY day.

things that annoy me
*people who butt into my business so much that it messes with me and mine. do i give you advice about you and your freakshow boyfriend? no.
*expecting me to do a job i have NO FREAKING clue how to do.
*poop under the kitchen table. really, this HAS to stop.
*kick your poop ALL out of the cage and then sit there and wiggle your nose like you're innocent.
*the south beach diet. I WANT A COOKIE.
*NOT repair a garment i send out, even though i've put a foot long piece of tape to show you where the problem is.
*pull out your cage buddy's hair. he's not SUPPOSED to be bald.

things that make me happy
*jimmy lewis
*the wonder that is the iPod (dave matthews band followed by the beatles? no problem!)
*$8 shoes that are cute AND comfortable
*make jokes ALL DAY LONG about this morning's "wardrobe malfunction"
*try to look menacing with a fork
*warm vanilla sugar lotion, cream, body wash, candle, wallflower, and bubble bath
*chai lattes
*steak dinners
*wake up grumpy and then make fun of jimmy
*define "callipygian" on your blog
*the south beach diet. THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME SKINNY.