Monday, September 06, 2004

alrite, i couldn't resist posting more zoo pictures, even though i'm working on a little geocities page, so you can look at the cute animals. the pictures came out really well, so i'm now thinking about killing jimmy just so i can have his camera. kidding, kidding.

you can check out the pics at the end of this post, or you can go straight to them if you're not feeling like reading much today.

so let me tell you about my saturday. it was just great. it began well because i got to sleep in and i appreciate this act so much more now that i'm a working girl. we then dined on a tasty lunch of tuna lettuce wraps and headed to columbus. obviously, we went to the zoo and i got to spend some quality time with the manatees.

a word about manatees. for those of you who don't know me really well, then you might be confused about this manatee obsession i seem to be harboring. the deal is that a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, i was a missionary with this girl named chris. chris and i would listen to music in the office and one day, she decided to listen to this band called "according to john." and the first song's line begins with "cause my humanity...." due to my lack of hearing or attention or whatever, i thought they were singing about a manatee. and so everytime i heard that song, i kept thinking, "why are they singing about a manatee????" i shared this with chris one day when we were both really stressed out. it led to us creating a song about a pet manatee named stephanie. it was hilarious at the time and really, very stupid overall. but chris and i both developed an affinity for the manatee after this point. and saturday, i FINALLY got to see them in real life. and i wasn't disappointed a bit.

alrite, back to the best saturday ever. so we had a rockin' good time at the zoo and managed to walk ourselves into quite a hunger. of course, that could only mean one thing. it was time for b.d.'s mongolian barbecue! or at least, that's what we thought. instead, we ate peanuts and drank diet coke and got full. of course, you have to be outrageously hungry to go to a mongolian barbecue, so we had to kill some time. and what better way to kill time, than by shopping? first we hit "moments with majesty" Christian bookstore. and i will admit, i was skeptical about it because of the name. but it turned out to be a pretty spiffy little store and i bought four books on sale, including blue like jazz. then it was time for target greatland. if you've never been to a target greatland, then i HIGHLY suggest you go. it's like heaven. seriously. it really is. once again, i found a ton of stuff on sale and stocked up on dvd's, jewelry, and a desk lamp. it was AWESOME. oh yeah, and a majorly awesome sale on diet faygo. who knew those crazy flavors could cause such a frenzy? needless to say, after dropping all of that cash, it was seriously time for some good eating. if you've never been to b.d.'s or a place like it, then check out their website here. it's a little hard to explain, but trust me, it is GOOD food. so we then proceeded to stuff ourselves silly on healthy food that's on our diet. what a wonderful feeling! plus, good conversation was had and we found it a little difficult to leave our table. but, alas, the good times had to end and we headed back to dayton completely exhausted.

i'm so happy that i had a good day. i feel like my life is stuck in a rut of mediocrity and i really HATE that. as i've stated before, i'm suffering from the boredom of being an adult. i agree with dear jenny, i need an ADVENTURE. but i don't know how to even get back to a point where i can GO on one. rite now, it's all i can do to make it day to day. getting up in the morning is a struggle and i dread going to bed at nite because it only means another day will start soon. and i hate it. i hate being so restless and pointless and meaningless. i hate not having lots of friends and doing fun things all of the time. but i suppose that's why everyone told me to enjoy college while it lasted. because those days are over now and i can never go back. i miss being happy.

wow, that took a sudden dark turn. sorry about that. but cheer up, it's picture time! light, fluffy, shallow pictures with inane comments! woo-hoo! and that's what my blog is for...stupid stuff. i'm not one of those good "deep" blogs and i'm sorry i even hinted at being dark and personal. that's a bad habit i need to stop. so go look at pictures and let's forget any of that nasty real stuff ever sneaked in, ok?

first on the list of pictures for today, we have this super cute shot of me and robin. we went on this cheesy little $1 boat ride around the australia exhibit, mainly because we were tired of walking and i'm pushy. and we look surprisingly good considering how FREAKING HOT it was that day. i guess it's just our natural beauty....

i also wanted to share with everyone that i have an unhealthy obsession with brushing goats. i don't care WHAT zoo i go to, i MUST go to the petting zoo and brush goats. here's proof that i did this in columbus. i also have pictures of my goat-brushing fetish from new orleans, but sadly, those are not digital. so i can't put proof up here, but trust me. i like brushing goats.

the moose is for my obu kids, jenny and lana. only they will truly understand the beauty of the moose. the rest of you can just enjoy its huge antlers. and remember: moose are cool. i'd like to brush one...kind of like a goat.

this gazelle-type animal makes me think of andi hill. anybody else with me on that?