Monday, August 30, 2004

pets! pets! and more pets!

what? you thought i could acquire four pets in two days and not post pictures of them??

of course, i have to put an oldie but a goodie first. my dear little parsnip. the oldest jimmy and lil pet and currently the biggest of the bunch weighing in at around 5 pounds. here she is looking totally Christmas card worthy in her new bed.

this is capers. in case you're wondering, you can find a definition of capers here. she is a ragdoll mix kitty and REALLY playful. she and parsnip have become fast friends and their wrestling matches are much more entertaining than anything on tv.

next, we have the bunnies. first, here's a picture of them together. i'm not sure what they're looking at, but it's really cute.

ok, let me introduce you. first, we have turnip. he's a lionhead rabbit and extremely feisty. he's big into the hopping.

pumpkin is the mellow one. she's a calm little girl. she's also a lionhead, but her mane was chewed on by her cage buddy before we got her. so that's why she looks different from the woolly mammoth of turnip. but she's adorable, i promise. and look, she's winking too.

the only non-cuddly pet is bok choy. he's a betta and actually swims quite a bit for his kind. he's really pretty...err...i mean HANDSOME. but sadly, i couldn't capture a good enough picture of him. however, i promise that he really pretty, i mean HANDSOME, and if you want to come visit him and see for yourself, then you can.

last, but certainly not least, we have potato. he's a siberian hamster and REALLY FAT. i'd love to show you more of his body, but he is prone to running away from the camera. however, you get the feel of his adorableness from that little fat face in jimmy's hand. and trust me, he is TINY.

so there you have it. parsnip, capers, turnip, pumpkin, bok choy, and potato. my little animal kingdom. ok, ok, they're really not all MINE per se, but they all reside with me and so that's close enough. i'd go into who owns what, but really, it'd just confuse you. so i'll just say they're all mine and if you really want to know the details, then i might share if you ask REALLY nicely. otherwise, just look at the cute pictures.