Tuesday, August 03, 2004

i prayed tonite.

it wasn't a little wimpy prayer, either. it was one of those "i need to get this off of my chest" prayers. it was the first time i've really talked to God in a while, and there was no holding back. i confessed and i cried and i cursed. all of the anger and hurt and disappointment and confusion and resentment came pouring out of me and words were tumbling out of my brain faster than i could process them. and it felt REALLY good.

i've always been taught that God can "handle" our angry prayers. that He can, and in fact, WANTS to hear it. and i've never taken Him up on that offer before. until tonite.

i want to go into more detail, but i'm not up for sharing too much personal stuff rite now. if you really want the details, then e-mail me. i will gladly share them in a slightly more personal forum.

the best part is that now there is a tiny glimmer of hope flitting on the edge of my mind. i haven't seen that in a while.