Monday, August 23, 2004

i feel i am doing a disservice to my faithful iceegirl readers by giving them NOTHING new to read. and for this, i am very sorry. but you see, this working girl is a TIRED girl. i'm still adjusting to the 50+ hour week and let me tell you, it is tiring. who knew that clipping strings and checking pocket sizes would be so draining? it's kind of like traveling. you're always tired after traveling, even though all you've done is sit. i just don't get that. i can sit on my couch for hours and not get drained. why not sit in a car and not get drained?

anyway, i have lots of time to sit and think while i work. fortunately, i'm allowed to listen to my discman while i work. it provides a merciful reflief from the loud TAT TAT TAT of the snap machine near my head. so lately, i've been in cd buying mode and others have been in "buy lil cd's mode" and so it's turned out quite nicely. i thought i'd share with you some of the artists i've been jamming with.
norah jones
avril lavigne
sheryl crow
no doubt
la symphony
beastie boys
i highly recommend all of these albums. but i must warn you, if you love george w., then stay away from the beastie boys. this cd might as well have been titled "WE HATE GEORGE W BUSH! VOTE FOR JOHN KERRY!" i feel guilty because when i listen to it, i can't help but laugh, instead of feeling very somber and politically minded.

i've decided i'm going to seriously look into buy an iPod now. you'd be amazed how annoying it is to stop and change cd's while snipping strings. it's downright obnoxious. i downloaded iTunes tonite and filled my bank statements with purchases from jay-z, lil flip, and the beastie boys. yeah, that's rite, i'm gonna have one rockin' little iPod.

dang, this entry was boring. i apologize. perhaps something funny will happen at the factory tomorrow and i can share this with you all. and by funny, i mean something that is NOT boring as crap.

sheesh, my life sucks.