Wednesday, August 04, 2004

for those of you who have kept up with me or who simply took the time to scan my previous posts, you know that i am currently unemployed. my job as a missionary is over and now the job market is a wide open field waiting to be explored. positions are lined up, ready for the choosing.

i've been a busy bee, frequenting monster.com, the dayton daily news JOBmarket, and hotjobs.com. i've checked out the local papers and been keeping my eyes peeled for "now hiring" signs in windows. and so far, i've got a BIG FAT NOTHING. i had no idea, NO IDEA, that job hunting would take so long. i've been looking for a month and it has felt like an eternity. jimmy kept telling me that it can take a while and i just sort of brushed it off as an encouraging word for a loser. but then, the other day, i talked to my friend who said it took him 8 months to get a job. EIGHT FREAKING MONTHS. he then added those dreaded words, "it's who you know." and dangit, i don't know anybody. (and before you go and get offended, i know lots of people, but not anybody who can help me get a job. and that just sucks.)

so i was feeling really discouraged because the job hunt was looking pretty hopeless. my freaking awesome resume wasn't pulling in the offers and apparently, my winning personality was only good for getting dates. so i was settling in and strapping down for a long season full of ramen noodles and penny pinching.

until today.

i traveled in the pouring rain and got completely lost on my way to my second job interview since my search began. we had a brief, relaxed time chatting and before i knew it, i was hired. i start friday.

what am i doing? secretary work? retail? telecommunications? writing?


i'm doing fair work. no, not "fair" as in "consistent with rules, logic, or ethics" or "fair" as in "of pleasing appearance, especially because of a pure or fresh quality; comely." not even "fair" as in "free of clouds or storms; clear and sunny." i mean "fair" as in "we have cheap rides and overpriced food and smelly animals and cheesy concerts and country crafts." THAT kind of fair.

i'm working for a food vendor, selling cotton candy, french fries and coke. i kinda feel like i'm going back to my working roots with this one. you know, only substituting fries for popcorn. the best part is that i get to LIVE with these people. like, i'm going ON THE ROAD. so i'm packing up my bags and leaving for urbana, OH on friday morning. i'll be gone for who knows how long, sleeping in a fifth wheel and spending all of my time on the fairgrounds.

i'm excited about it, strange as that may sound. i don't think one would normally pin a college graduate with an english degree as a "fair worker," but i can't help but want to go. it sounds so different and fun and hard and busy. i'm not sure if i took ths job out of my desperate need for money or out of sheer curiousity. it sounds like the experience of a lifetime. not really in the deep sense, but in the kooky adventure sense.

i feel like i'm running off with the circus.

this should be interesting.