Tuesday, July 06, 2004

what? you didn't think i could visit my parents and not take a few pictures, did you? of course not! and besides, i can't go more than a week without a picture post. :0)


yep, this is her, the princess herself. if you don't know me or my parents, then you might not realize the infamy of this dog (whose full name is princess grace). just remember that i am an only child and moved out 6 years ago. my parents are longing for either a) another child or b) a grandchild. since i can't help them out with either, they got a dog. and she is spoiled, spoiled, spoiled. they don't call her "princess" for nothing! but it's ok because she is a CUTIE! (not as cute as parsnip, of course, but really, what dog is?)

jimmy got to visit with his best friend jon. here they are cheesing it up for the camera. that's my maw maw in the background with the birthday card i got her. look below for a close up of her. and check out the previous post for a little more information on this AWESOME woman.

my maw maw! the coolest woman in the ENTIRE world! she's totally my hero and i love her to death. here she is with parsnip, who she renamed "midnight." she told me that the dog was too cute for a name like "parsnip." in fact, she was surprised that as smart as i was, i didn't name her something better. :0)

these are my parents. sorry that my dad's eyes are closed, but it's REALLY hard to get a picture of him with his eyes open. and my mom has that "i'm only doing this because you're making me and i WILL delete that picture as soon as you take it" smirk on her face. so shhhh! don't tell them that i put this picture on the internet! they might freak out! ;0) but there they are, a happy little family: my dad, mom, and grace. once again, i apologize for the not so wonderfulness of the looks on their faces, but really, what can you do? i still think they're super cute and i'm proud of them.