Saturday, July 31, 2004

today was my last official day at the office. it was bittersweet, really. i was surprised at how sad i was when the secretaries left. we've never been close, but when they both came and hugged me, i don't know. it just seemed so FINAL. of course, i'll be around doing the "i'm the former missionary and you new guys don't know what the crap you're doing so i'll help you out" thing for a bit, but it was still sad...but then i remember my last two years there and i don't feel so bad at all. ha.

so to celebrate the weekend and the end of my last work week for a while, jimmy and i headed out to the movies. of course, i'm still way too poor to go to the "real" movies, so we checked out the melody 49 drive-in. we got to see "the bourne supremacy" and "i, robot" for $6.50 each! now THAT'S a deal. sure, it was raining and lightning, but that doesn't stop us bargain hunters! a small monsoon won't keep us from our cheap movie and "all you can eat" buffet from dollar general!

believe it or not, i actually ENJOYED both of the movies. like, SERIOUSLY ENJOYED. like, screaming "turn on the windshield wipers because i can't see NOW!" ENJOYED. this came as a shock since i was expecting to be grossed out by the amazingly large amount of testosterone in them. so i highly encourage you to check them both out. you'll feel like doing a little fightin' and car chasin' when you're done.

and just so you know, because i know you don't really care, but i want to tell you anyway. TOMORROW IS MY LAST DAY AS A MISSIONARY. and i'm going out with a bang...at the meadowdale block party. let's just hope i survive.