Tuesday, July 13, 2004

things are getting c-c-c-razy here at the office. that can only mean ONE thing.

it's executive board meeting time! woo-hoo! :0) that means a whole lotta people are gonna be out socializing, so i'll hide back here and pretend i'm working hard, like a good little missionary.

just so you know, i'm planning on this post being random, so if you hate randomness, then i suggest you avoid this post with your life. because coherence won't be coming any time soon.

i posted a pretty dang serious post yesterday. and nobody commented. NOBODY. i was SURE that that one would be controversial and honest enough to get SOME kind of reaction. and NOTHING. apparently i need to post about more important things like michael moore's latest movie or my late nite stupidities in order to get comments. hmpf. (**note** my late nite stupidities will be chronicled later in this post, so get those comments ready!) (**another note** and you know what else? jimmy says that he doesn't care if people comment on his blog or not. like, he says that he doesn't write it for people to read. but OF COURSE you write it for people to read! why else would it be on the internet? i fully expect for people i know and don't know, like and dislike to read this blog. and for some odd reason, i REALLY want them to comment on it too. i think it's because i'm an approval addict searching for love and acceptance in anyway i can, and in this case, it's by the number of comments i get. it's like i'm back in junior high again and nobody wants to talk to me...wow, that was deep. let's pause here and have a moment of silence for the patheticness that is lillian beth magee............ok, done now! time to end this parathetical diatribe and get on to the meat of this post!)

i saw "13 going on 30" last nite. i went to a movie by myself! again! go me and my independent self! it was cuter than i thought it'd be and mark ruffalo is WAY hot. it also made me cry! i was surprised..but there i was, tearing up with the main character. what is this world coming to? i'm thinking about going to see "mean girls" tonite. (after all, it's danbarry dollar saver tuesday!) wanna come?

last nite, jimmy and i did 14 loads of laundry. yes, you read that rite. between the two of us, we laundered FOURTEEN (14) loads. 14!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! holy crap that was a lot of laundry! but it went surprisingly quickly and wasn't too bad as far as "laundry parties" go. it also lasted from 1:30-3:00 am. now THAT is a crazy party. and it was in a "not so nice" part of time. we are like, freaking DARE DEVILS.

i didn't sleep last nite. not a wink. not even a teeny tiny itty bitty bit. nope, not even a smidgen. this is, of course, a TRAVESTY, because i am deeply interested in getting LOTS of sleep in my life. in fact, i'd go so far as to say that sleeping is the ONE THING in this world that i do really well. i like to think of myself as a "sleep connossieur," if you will. and there i was last nite NOT sleeping at all. i'm pretty sure it had something to do with the excitement of the "laundry party" and the mountain dew i consumed at 2 am.

i worked out this morning. yeah, you read me. i WORKED OUT. like, i EXERCISED. be still your beating heart, i know. but i totally did. and it sucked the whole time b/c i'm way out of shape, but i'm glad i did it. i even have that pleasant "i just worked out" pain in my thighs.

i own somewhere in the neighborhood of 27 pairs of shoes. 27. i decided to do some unpacking during my sleepless nite and so i counted how many pairs of shoes i own. and the total came to about 27 (give or take a pair). that's a lot of shoes. and i'm just that materialistic and shallow enough to think, "i need a bigger closet," instead of "i should donate some of these old shoes to goodwill or the salvation army." in my defense, i've been accumulating these shoes for YEARS...before ohio was even a twinkle in my eye. :0)

but i am definitely planning on giving away some of my old clothes. i have *ahem* outgrown some of them. and by "outgrown," i mean TOO FAT for...well, i actually prefer to think that my body is too bootylicious for those clothes. and trust me, they are NOT ready for this jelly.

parsnip peed on my bed this morning. this did NOT please the lil-ster. laundry load number 15 is calling my name...

i've decided six steps needs to hurry up and finish the summer for the sole reason of robin being back in town so she can dye my hair. i noticed that it's pretty much back to being blonde now. and that's just not going to work for me. i need to be a redhead, because it fits my personality better. blondes are expected to be dumb. but redheads are expected to be feisty. and that's me. you all know it. the iceegirl is a feisty girl. (ew, that rhymed!)

um, i'm running out of steam. but don't worry, remember the LAST time i didn't sleep an entire nite? i posted 4 times in one day! 4 times!!! so that means there is a good chance that you iceegirl readers will be getting lots of lil randomness as i struggle to stay awake this wondrous work day.

but until then, i'm gonna go do some real work...at least, i'm gonna try...if not, then i'm gonna post more stuff. so stay tuned kiddos!