Thursday, July 15, 2004

i've decided that it's high time that i introduced my faithful iceegirl readers to the wonder that is dooce.com. i've often pondered adding her to my "other blogs" list, but i worried that some people who stumbled across it might be offended by the language of the site. so i've decided to just go ahead and post about her, that way, no one can get mad at me for linking to her. :0)

ok, on to the good stuff...dooce's real name is heather and she's a wife to the strikingly handsome jon and mom to their 5-month-old baby, leta. she's had a very interesting history and i wouldn't be doing her justice to cover it here. so if you go to her site, then read the "about" section. i think she's HILARIOUS and i can't tell you who much i appreciate her honesty. (i think i like her openness more than i do her humor.) and any woman who can be this open about poop, is a winner in my book.

but i did want to warm some of y'all. she is definitely uninhibited in the language she uses and i know that cursing deeply offends some of my readers, so it won't be enjoyable to all who read it. so, click with caution, but i assure you that if you do check her out, you'll be tremendously entertained.

alrite, i'm gonna quit talking and let her do her thang. she's much better at it than i am. :0) so, enjoy the dooce!