Thursday, July 01, 2004

i saw "king arthur last nite. i feel really cool because a) i saw it by myself and b) it doesn't open until next wednesday. :0) yay for sneak previews! the pass i had was for two people, but alas, i couldn't think of anyone i wanted to ask to come with me...at least anyone who i wasn't too chicken enough to ask. :0) so i went by myself.

and let me tell you, i was the biggest klutz, so i'm actually really thankful i went by myself. first of all, i just walked past the movie ticket line and started wandering around the theater. this was dumb. i not only looked stupid, but i also was too busy looking around and up to actually look where i was walking. this resulted in walking into people. bad. i finally sucked it up and went and asked the help desk who told me to go on to the box office line. oops. i now looked as stupid as i felt. (but in my defense, the last time i had free tickets to a sneak preview, we didn't have to stand in the box office line.)

so i wait in line and when i get to the poor, haggard ticket salesperson (spiderman 2 opened last nite), i just kinda mumbled something along the lines of, "uh, i've got this." and pushed it towards her. she was obviously annoyed with my stupidity and then proceeded to ring up two tickets. and then i was like, 'oh! it's just me.' she sighed and rolled her eyes and tore off the second ticket. THEN i asked where the movie was before i even LOOKED at my ticket which had a BIG "3" stamped on it. this might not seem like a big deal to you, but as a former movie theater employee, i vowed to not be THAT customer. you know, the ignorant one who expects the worker to know all the answers and be able to read their minds? and there i was, BEING THAT CUSTOMER. oy.

so then i arrive at the actual theater....

to be continued....(i know! that's so stupid, but i'm busy and have other things to do b/c i'm going to louisiana tomorrow!!!! woo-hooo!!!! more details on why the trip on such short notice later. and trust me, you want to know what all happened at the actual theater. because my worst faux pas was yet to come...)