Wednesday, July 21, 2004

i have discovered a WONDERFUL thing. it's launchcast radio on yahoo messenger. i never, ever message anyone on that thing and so i've often pondered uninstalling it, but i really like the "new e-mail" noise it makes when someone sends me a precious message. (precious in that i don't get a lot of e-mail. and precious in that most people who send e-mail to my yahoo account are close friends who i love dearly.) but i digress...

recently, yahoo messenger did one of those "update now!" popup windows and of course, being the burgeoning technical geek that i am, i uploaded it. i saw it had one of those streaming radio station doodads, but i figured it was something you had to pay for, so i ignored it. but for some reason, i was feeling generous today, so i clicked on the station called "big hits of the 90's." and let me tell you, it ROCKS. so far, i've heard fastball, en vogue, lenny kravitz, everclear, blessed union of souls, the notorious BIG, blind melon, duran duran, blur, the proclaimers, right said fred, meredith brooks, and vanilla ice. and those are the only ones i can remember! it's like my ENTIRE LIFE is playing in the background today. and i'm totally digging on it. it makes me want an ipod even MORE now. because i could have all of these fabulous songs go anywhere and everywhere with me. :sigh:

on a random side note, i got a shout out on hoover's blog today. you know you've made it when he's mentioned your name on TWO posts now. oh yeah, i'm a REAL fan. :0) (does anybody else think this makes me sound like a stalker? cause it kinda seem a tiny bit stalker-ish. hmmmmm....)

and finally, i have recently rediscovered my love for despair.com. it's just so dang pessimistic. and yet funny. that's a personal goal of mine. and for that very reason, i'm gonna post this picture. i don't really have customers rite now, so it might seem inappropriate for me personally, but i know some of my faithful readers can relate. and a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, i could relate to this ALL TOO WELL. Enjoy!