Saturday, July 17, 2004

i forced jimmy lewis to watch sense and sensibility the other nite. and by "force," i mean i convinced him that it was imperative to view that very movie at that very moment (that very moment happened to be at 3:30 am).

i'm really glad i convinced him, because i had forgotten how FABULOUS jane austen and emma thompson are. :0) i understand that if you're not used to watching movies set a long, long time ago in england, then you might not be as excited about it. but you really should give it a try. it has a great plot, great acting and great directing. the country is beautiful, the costumes are beautiful, and the story is beautiful. can you tell that i think it's wonderful? :0) and it ALMOST makes me want to believe in love again.

finally, on a side note: a question that has been haunting me for a while now. "will i ever fit in somewhere again?" i can't seem to get that out of my head lately. so i thought i'd share it with my faithful iceegirl readers. :0)