Friday, July 09, 2004

i don't really have a lot to say.

ok, that's a lie. i have PLENTY to say, but i don't feel like typing it all up or risk the disapproval of my faithful iceegirl readers. i know this saddens you greatly my friends, but keep your chin up! a new, fun, and exciting post full of the joy and wonders of lil's life will be coming soon.

but until then, i thought i'd post a pic of the future iceegirlmobile. really, it's my parents' sentra. see, they have three cars rite now, and really, they only need two, because, well, there's only two of them. so hopefully we will "trade" sentras later on this year and i'll get to pimp around dayton in a smokin' 98 sentra. woo to the hoo!

and just so you know, i'm pretty confident i will NEVER get a job that uses my degree. oh well. as long as i GET a job that pays actual money, i think i'll be ok. because at this rate, bob evans is looking like a lucrative career.

oh yeah! and i've been really melancholy recently, any ideas on how to boost the iceegirl's morale? i've used the tried and true drink-so-many-icees-until-you're-ready-to-puke method, but that hasn't worked this time. maybe i should try blasting the dixie chicks or something.

and finally, a special little something for the anonymous commenter. i still don't believe in love. and i'm pretty dang confident that that won't change anytime soon. any advice?

sweet! i've managed to make this post longer than i thought i could! now i'm off to read about other people's lives and laugh about how much better my blog is than theirs. (kidding, i'm kidding....sort of.) ;0)