Wednesday, July 14, 2004

has anyone else seen the commercial for silk where the girl is looking at the new guy at work and decides that she should woo him instead of competing with him? so at the end she says, 'come to momma!' i thought it was funny.

so i (shamelessly) stole it for my "king arthur" post, in which i commented on the fantasic hotness of tristan. (who, by the way, isn't so hot in real life....you can check out his picture here. but in the movie, he's got this crazy long hair and these funny little tattoos on his face and he's kinda funny and can fight with a sword AND a bow and arrow. so really, it makes complete sense that he looks cute in the movie. go check out the official movie website if you don't believe me.)

anyway, i put that on there as a joke and jimmy lewis has decided that it means he can now refer to himself as "poppa." (AND he doesn't even spell it right! for some reason, he thinks it's spelled "papa," which is TOTALLY wrong. if biggie spelled it "poppa," then that's how it's spelled, ok?) and i find that completely and totally disgusting. and he knows it, so he does it just to PISS ME OFF. we can't watch tv together now without him saying "come to poppa!" at EVERY SINGLE HOT GIRL. gee, what a GREAT friend. :0)

this all got started a few months ago, when jimmy decided that it was AOK to point out any and every hot girl we saw. this displeased me because as a typical girl, i am severely insecure about my body and my looks and every single time he points out a cute girl, i want to crawl into a dark hole and die in my fat, cellulite-ridden, flabby ugliness. this doesn't make sense to him, but it makes complete and total sense to me. (and in jimmy's defense, he is very consistent in complimenting me and even occasionally referring to me as a "hottie," when his masculinity will allow it.)

BUT, i will pick up the latest issue of people magazine and point out all of the most eligible bachelors for the year. welcome to my world of double standards. but in my defense, it doesn't bother jimmy at all if i point out cute boys. if anything, he will agree with me. (but don't worry, it's in that manly, i'm secure, straight way.)

so why the double standard? i'm trying to figure it out. i guess i feel like when i point out cute boys, it's innocent and fun. like a 12 year old giggling over zack morris and thinking about what it would be like to (oh my gosh!) hold hands. and when a guy points out a hot girl, all i can think is, 'AHHHHH! he wants to have SEX with her! that's disgusting!' and i think that's where the problem lies. for some reason, when jimmy comments on a girl's hotness, i immediately assume it's in a sexual way. but when i point out a cute boy, i'm just thinking, "hey, a cute boy. that's so nice. he's really pretty." and there's no sexual anything about it. but i'm convinced that a guy can't do that.

where'd i get this idea that boys are obssessed with sex and everytime they see a hot girl, they immediately think about being naked with her?

probably from my mom. oh well.

**note** i have now realized that this post is going nowhere fast and is basically just a bunch of ramblings disguised as coherent sentences. sorry!

so in order to make it all better, here's a picture of catherine zeta-jones. i think she's incredibly beautiful. ;0)