Friday, July 16, 2004

alrite, it's seriously time for the "queer eye for the straight guy" post. i've eaten dinner and had desert and i'm now a happy camper. (except that jimmy hasn't taken me to get a snowball yet.) ;0) kidding, just kidding...sort of.

anyway, back to the queer eye guys.

here's the burning question that i desperately need to get off my chest. which one is cuter? carson or jai? jai or carson? it's the question that will haunt me till the day i die.

see, this all got started yesterday evening when jimmy and i began discussing our quiz results from tickle.com. for those of you who don't know about tickle, it used to be "emode" and is FULL of quizzes that aren't all completely stupid (a problem that haunts such sites as quizzilla.com.) one of the quizzes involved the fab five from "queer eye."

so, since jimmy is a guy, his test was "which queer eye guy are you?" and since i'm a chick, mine was "which queer eye should you get a 'date' with?" jimmy's result was jai and mine was carson. (who, by the way, is the BEST ONE ON THE SHOW.) he is the funniest by far, and definitely the one with the best clothes. he also has an actual personality, as opposed to another queer guy who will remain unamed. (here's a hint, his name starts with "j.")

but i digress.

so, jimmy was IMing me and said, "my guy is cuter than yours!" and i was SHOCKED to find out that he would even CONSIDER thinking that carson wasn't the best gueer guy. he then persisted in telling me his opinion on the cuteness of jai and the non-cuteness of carson.

so, here's the point to this post. which one is cuter? jai or carson?

**note** i recognize that you don't actually CARE about this. but i do! this is important people! IMPORTANT! :0)

""note #2** we all know that kyan is the hottest of the fab five. so, you don't need to bring that into this discussion. this is a competition between carson and jai.

**note #3** i realize that jai might be considered cuter based on looks ALONE. but, when you consider the entire package, then carson is CLEARLY the winner. (just to let y'all all know.) ;0)

let the games begin!