Thursday, June 10, 2004

Well, here it is...the bling bling ring. Doesn't it TOTALLY scream jennifer lopez? :0) i recognize it's not as big or as REAL, but hey, i like it. so i hope you enjoy it and please ignore the fact that i need to get a manicure...badly! and yay for the new photoblogging host! ;0)  Posted by Hello

I have to, of course, put pictures of TC here on my blog. This one is of him on my laptop case. I'm not really sure why he thought it'd be cool to lay on said case, but it was really adorable since he's actually FATTER than the case itself. i love that cat! Posted by Hello

Look at that adorable face! You can see the laptop case below him. I just want to hug him....too bad he'd scratch my eyes out if i tried. ;0)  Posted by Hello

as soon as i sat down to take another picture of him on the case, he got up. apparently, me sitting on the floor means, "hey! come over here and i'll pet you!" silly kitty. but i did manage to get this one shot in before he came too close. i think it looks great and really emphasizes the LARGENESS that is TC  Posted by Hello

if you'd like to see even MORE TC pics (this time he's on my little suitcase), then you can click here and enjoy. :0)