Wednesday, June 09, 2004

pictures galore!

as some of you know, i have a geocities site in which i am completely devoted to posting pictures of things you probably aren't interested in. but, since they interest me and this is my blog, you're stuck reading about them. and if you click, then you're stucking seeing them. :0)

first, here are MORE pictures of parsnip. she is just TOO cute.
the cutest puppy in the world!

second, i couldn't decide which pictures to use from the boston trip. so i hope you enjoy the multi-page fun of our roadtrip.

and without further adieu

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the cutest picture ever of me and my puppy. aren't we adorable. :0)

the spring banquet was wonderful. we had tasty food, FABULOUS desserts, funny videos, and happy memories. (and no, it wasn't nearly as cheesy as i've made it sound.) i also received a SWEET present for my end of term gift.

yep, it's a FABULOUS camera, full of 3.2 megapixel goodness and even came with rechargable batteries. woo-hoo! so you know what that means...even MORE pictures from yours truly. i can finally stop borrowing jimmy's camera.

i still don't have a picture of the bling bling ring, but i can give you a hint: think j.lo. :0)