Sunday, June 13, 2004

ok, so i lied in that last post. i'm posting rite now, which technically means i am back soon, but i really won't be back in dayton (my blogging world) soon, because i am heading out.
"out where," you ask?
"out to tennessee," i say.
jimmy and i are once again promoting the myth that we're dating and going on a roadtrip to visit my parents. i can hear you, dear iceegirl reader, asking rite now, "wait a minute lil, i thought you were from louisiana. and i thought you and jimmy really were dating!" firstly, yes i am from the great state of cajun food and mardi gras, but alas that is far too far a drive for a just a little four day trip. so we're meeting halfway, which conviently, is where my aunt and grandpa live. and secondly, i'm seriously not dating jimmy. just ask him. but the fact that we can do little things to make people think it's so, does bring A LOT of joy to my heart. but i digress....

i'm excited and a little nervous. i'm excited because i have nice parents who are extremely funny and i haven't seen them in a long while. i'm nervous because i'm afraid that aren't going to like the "new and improved" lil. i've realized that i've changed quite a bit since my last visit and i hope they are receptive to the changes. i think they will be...after all, last time i was something of a big moping mess. this trip should definitely contain much less mopage. :0) after all, last time, i didn't even have a blog that provides me with free therapy!

on a side note: i'm also a little nervous because the last time i saw grandpa, the first words out of his mouth were, "boy! you've put on some weight!" sheesh. thanks grandpa. thanks a lot.

so hopefully my parents will like parsnip and my tongue ring and my weight and all will be well. if not, then i have jimmy's shoulder to cry on. :0) (and for you anonymous commenter out there, i am NOT in love with jimmy.) i might even get to update while we visit my aunt because she actually has the internet. (she's the only member of my family to be that technologically advanced.) :0)

so good nite, dear iceegirl fan. and remember, when putting shoes on in the dark, be sure to feel and make sure they are the same pair. if not, the people at meijer may just laugh at you.