Wednesday, June 30, 2004

it's PICTURE time! i uploaded some pics today and thought i'd share. :0) i haven't had a picture post in a while....well, at least a picture post that included pictures i took myself.

first, here's the long awaited picture:

here he is! this is TC, the lion. doesn't he look so cute with that little fur-free body? i wanted to get a picture with his face pointing towards me, but oh well. i thought he looked adorable in my suitcase and with the perfect shot of his little mane. maybe later i can get a shot of his boots. he literally is puss in boots now!

these next few photos all have a theme. can you guess what it is?????

this is the dinette set at value city that i'd like to buy for the as-of-yet-not-leased apartment. so rite now, it's just a dream, but check out that price! it's AWESOME! go value city furniture!

the above and below pictures are of the furniture that i can't afford (even though it's on CLEARANCE) but would LOVE to own. i know you can't really tell, but that couch is BEYOND comfortable. both sides recline. as does the big chair. the love seat doesn't recline, but it's very comfy to lay on. (i'm sure it's a good snuggling couch, hence the title "love seat." too bad i couldn't test THAT feature out.)
oh, and don't forget the coffee table and end tables that match. they are just perfect. too bad i'm a poor missionary. but if you'd like to donate money to the "get lil some furniture" fund, then feel free. they will be accepted. :0)

so there you have it. my current "dream" furniture. and maybe with a little time and a little help and a little work, i'll be able to get something close to it, if not exactly. but if not, at least i've got the memories. :0)

p.s. tell the good people at sonic that we want a drive in here in dayton!!!!!!