Wednesday, June 02, 2004

i thought i'd take this time to post a few items that i'd like to have, but can't because i am poor. oh well, it's an incredibly small price to pay for being a missionary.

anyway, here are some things i want in no particular order.

the keep it real shirt from hot topic. we're talking kickin' it old school. i am seriously in love with this shirt.

my sweet little parsnip needs to come with me wherever i go. i think this little bag with the pink accents is perfect for her. we can travel in style. :0)

yeah, don't make fun of me. i already have seasons 1-5, so i'm pretty desperate for season six. and the good news is: this season has the all singing episode!

sweet norah. she is so amazingly talented and wonderful. her music is fabulous and let me tell you, the best thing in the world to take a bubble bath too.

i've already read almost half of this book at barnes and noble. but it's just so fabulous, i can't put it down! :0) it's something of an odd story, but atwood has a way of presenting that makes it seem so...NORMAL.

that's all for now. i almost feel like i've gone shopping and purchased these items. that's some seriously cheap therapy. :0)