Wednesday, June 30, 2004

i just finished a tasty lemon berry slush from sonic.

i think we should start a petition to get a sonic in dayton. they have tasty food and even tastier drinks. and i know i'm not the only person who gets a craving for cheesy tots and a strawberry limeade. i believe it's time for the people of dayton to step up and take responsibility for their needs and desires. we not only WANT a sonic, we NEED a sonic.

first of all, let's think of the children. i know that any kid is happy with a wacky pack. not because of the delicious food or cute toy, but because it's simply called a WACKY PACK. that means they are allowed to be wacky. what kid doesn't like it when wackiness ensues?

secondly, think of the poor. happy hour is the answer for those who thirst and can't afford a "rich" drink like coca-cola or pepsi. but they can come to sonic and rejoice at altar of the route 44 for HALF PRICE!

thirdly, think of the couples. those who don't have a place to hang all over each other, so they are forced to perform PDA's all over the place. sonic is the perfect answer. they get good food and the privacy of their car for lovey dovey/smoochy time. and everyone knows that nobody likes watching smoochy time.

fourthly, think of the...think of the...hmmmmm....i can't think of another people group...soooooo, think of ME! yes, that's rite. think of the poor little iceegirl. she might have been lemonberryslushgirl had a sonic been present in dayton at the time. and that's really sad. because i bet lemonberryslushgirl would have gotten WAY more guys than iceegirl ever will. oh well.

so fight for your right! rock the vote! take the plunge! just do it! get that sonic petition started and let's bring the friendly american drive in to dayton!