Tuesday, June 22, 2004

God bless gina and her honesty. i love it.

ok, so what exactly was i talking about in my previous post? it's kinda hard to say what all has been going on in my mind, because i don't completely understand it myself. but i do know that it's been really hard to be happy about anything recently. i think i'm going through yet another freaking depressed period. honestly, i'm starting to really get tired of those. and i have NO idea what exactly brought it on. but here i am....all depressed and lonely and this time, it's for no good reason!

i wrote a post about my feelings, but decided to proof it before i actually posted it (praise the Lord!). i then went back and read it and decided not to publish it because it might cause someone to kill themselves if they were down and out too. there was basically NO HOPE in my writing. i was actually surprised to see how bleak my outlook on life is now. i guess i'm just nervous about the transition from missionary to working girl. too many changes in too little time...or something like that. or maybe the chemicals in my brain are just off kilter. or maybe it's just my allergies acting up. you know, those allergies can make you do STRANGE thing. :0) (that joke was just for you, lana.)

but for whatever reason, i've been really BLAH lately and have been unable to post anything happy. today has been a little different though. i'm in a sort of good mood. :0) so maybe i'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. let's just hope that light isn't the headlight of a train.

on to what you've all been dying to hear about.

the trip to tennessee/arkansas was WONDERFUL. parsnip was a huge hit with the fam. my grandpa was SO cute when he held her. i was a little concerned about his bonding too much with the puppy though. don't get me wrong, i love seeing the old man happy, but you have to understand that grandpa likes to feed my aunt's dog...A LOT. so much so that poor little patches has a weight problem now. she's the portliest poodle i've ever seen. and grandpa just can't seem to figure out that giving the dog half of his plate of food is BAD for her. so when i saw grandpa and parsnip bonding, i was naturally concerned that i would be coming back to ohio with a rather rotund puppy. i made a point of saying SEVERAL times that parsnip does NOT EAT HUMAN FOOD. i made sure grandpa understood and all seemed to be well. until the last day. we went to drop grandpa off back at my aunt's house and he disappeared for a bit. so did parsnip. this could only mean trouble. grandpa came back in later and was talking about giving patches candy. and then he started talking about how "that little dog" liked it too. uh-oh.

"grandpa, did you give parsnip candy?"

"who's parsnip?"

"my dog, grandpa! the one you've been playing with."

"oh, that's that little thing's name? parsnip, huh?"

"grandpa, did you give parsnip candy?"

"well, yeah! i never seen a little dog so happy to eat something in all my life."

jimmy and i just laughed. i figured it wasn't that big of a deal if parsnip had a little candy. after all, it was her last day with grandpa. but then grandpa continued talking.

"boy, those little dogs sure do love m and m's. you just put them in your hand and they take it rite out."

"grandpa!? you gave parsnip an m and m!????"

"well, yeah!"

so yes, my dog ate chocolate and survived. later, my mom came in and was trying to get parsnip to come to her. grandpa cleared up any confusion for momma by informing her of his newfound knowledge.

"if you had an m and m in your hand, he'd come right to you."

it was TOO funny. we all laughed and my parents tried to tell grandpa that chocolate was bad for the dog. he didn't get it and insisted that she liked it and it was a good treat.

this type of stuff happened all week. needless to say, my family's humor kept jimmy and i entertained, so it didn't really matter that we were in unexciting blythesville. i suppose i had never realized how funny they were before. but i guess since i grew up with them, i was used to it.

i could write more, but this post is seriously too long already. so i'll end it here. and stay tuned, i've got pictures of a SHEARED TC to share! yes, you read right. he's a little lion now! :0)