Saturday, June 26, 2004

fleetwood mac and snowballs. really, what more could a girl ask for on a saturday afternoon? today has been nice and relaxing, even though i feel bad i didn't make it to cleveland for the mission trip. i'm sure you're wondering why i missed it and now i will tell you.

jimmy had his surgery yesterday. and i was his official care-giver. (everyone say "aw" and feel all warm and fuzzy.) i dropped him off at the hospital and when i got back from showering and puppy play time, he was already done! i was surprised at how quickly he recovered, but since he was still medicated, he couldn't legally listen to all the stuff about what he needed to do for the rest of the day. so yours truly got to sign the papers as "care giver." he he he.

THEN the nurse was like, "ok, you can go ahead and get dressed. let me know when you're done." and then she closed the curtain and walked away! with ME still in there!!!! jimmy and i just looked at each other.
"there is NO WAY i am helping you get dressed."
to which he replied, "there is NO WAY i would let you!"

we then went to eat at red robin, where it was obvious jimmy was still under the influence of the medication. his ADD was majorly accentuated and he kept laughing REALLY loudly. it was slightly freaky.

but now, all is well and i can't complain because he didn't have any trouble last nite (i had to stay with him to make sure he didn't pass out or fall) and so all is well with jimmy's world. woohoo!

i'm not sure my wonderful saturday afternoon will lead to a wonderful saturday nite. we were thinking about going to a drive-in movie, but all that's playing is "white chicks" and "dodgeball." ew. i was thinking about going to barnes and noble and reading the new issues of "people" and "us weekly." but so far, i haven't seen a new "us." i guess jennifer lopez hasn't done anything exciting this week, so they didn't have a cover story.

oh well, there's always more fleetwood mac.