Friday, June 04, 2004

as a former english major and a current english grad and (hopefully) a future employee using her english degree, i feel remiss for not posting any good poetry on my blog. i recently rediscovered the wonder of elizabeth barrett browning. she is just FABULOUS! :0) dear elizabeth wrote a bunch of lovey dovey sonnets to her husband, robert browning, and there are now known as "sonnets from the portueguese." the most famous one of them begins with "how do i love thee, let me count the ways." yep, i knew you'd heard of her. :0) it saddens me that that poem has been so overused and is no longer appreciated. because it really is a great work of literature. however, it is not my favorite of her sonnets. my favorite is number 32. i hate to ruin it with more of my own words, so i'll just let it speak for itself. enjoy!


The first time that the sun rose on thine oath
To love me, I looked forward to the moon
To slacken all those bonds which seemed too soon
And quickly tied to make a lasting troth.
Quick-loving hearts, I thought, may quickly loathe;
And, looking on myself, I seemed not one
For such man's love!--more like an out-of-tune
Worn viol, a good singer would be wroth
To spoil his song with, and which, snatched in haste,
Is laid down at the first ill-sounding note.
I did not wrong myself so, but I placed
A wrong on thee. For perfect strains may float
'Neath master-hands, from instruments defaced, -
And great souls, at one stroke, may do and doat.