Tuesday, May 18, 2004

well, i'd like to add this to the list of things that i really like and that you probably won't. and by "you," i mean the average iceegirl reader. for some reason, the decisions i've been making lately have seemed a bit controversial. guess i'm learning how not to be an approval addict.

here's the latest in silly lil decisions.

i bought a dog. ok, we bought a dog. jimmy and i decided to keep the rumor mill turning with this latest decision. we purchased a living creature together. and she is the cutest dog in the entire world. she's a pomeranian/jack russell terrier mix and weighs around 2 lbs. she'll eventually get up to 5 lbs. and did i mention she's really cute? her name is parsnip and she is mine, mine, mine...and jimmy's, jimmy's, jimmy's. :0) i really don't know what else to write about her, so i will now just show her pictures.

iceegirl productions proudly presents:

meet Parsnip Lewis-Magee

yeah, LOOK at that belly. i kinda want to eat her.

her favorite place to be is on your shoulder and in your hair. she's definitely a cuddler.

so there you have it. the iceedog, a.k.a. parsnip. feel free to stop by crosswalk at wright state this week, she'll be there. :0)