Saturday, May 08, 2004

sometimes i do stupid things. like the time i washed my red beach towel with my whites. i figured since it was a towel, i should wash it with all of my other towels. too bad i didn't think about that whole fading thing. but i learned from that one. i know separate my clothes by colors instead of type. and i also use cold water when i wash, it makes my mommy proud. and then there was that one time where i dated matt floyd. once again, i learned a lot from that experience. don't trust guys when they tell you that they love you and are going to marry you. it's a load of bunk, because they just want you for a little while, until you bore them. good life wisdom. and most importantly, who could forget the mountain dew live wire experience? yick. who thought that was a good idea?

but today, my stupid thing quota got filled for the next two months. the god of stupid things is laughing rite now because he knows that i sold my soul to him a long time ago and he is wanting payback. NOW. what did i do, you ask? well, i'm glad you asked. here is what i did: i forgot the wrapping paper. yes. isn't that so stupid? I FORGOT THE WRAPPING PAPER.

here's the deal: some of us went mother's day shopping last nite and jimmy and i bought some cute wrapping paper. not because we're dating or have the same mother, but because we decided to get abby auclair something for mother's day. (she's the coolest woman ever and the best missionary hostess in the ENTIRE world.) and it worked out pretty well, because jimmy hadn't wrapped his mom's present yet either. so we bought ribbon and bows and stuff, but we didn't wrap last nite because "the last samarai" is the most boring movie in the world and jimmy fell asleep. so we decided to wrap his mom's present at his house this afternoon. we get there and decide to wrap like wrapping fools and then realize...i FORGOT the WRAPPING PAPER. it is IMPOSSIBLE to wrap without the paper. IMPOSSIBLE. so poor jimmy's mom received a naked mother's day present today. this is rite up there with dating matt floyd. sheesh. when will i learn?