Tuesday, May 04, 2004

so i'm on campus today meeting with wonderful students. at one point, i have to go to the bathroom. i take care of business and then wait patiently to wash my hands. there are two girls at the two sinks and then another girl at the full lenght mirror. and this girl is BIG. not big like overweight big, but big as in really tall and really broad. i kept looking at her because her hair was a similar shade to mine, only more purple. i was trying to determine if i liked hers and wondering if my hair looked that purple too. then this big purple hair chick turns around and oops, i'm in her way. so she says, "excuse me." except that she says it REALLY deep. not quite sean connery deep, but it was very manly. as she says this, i look her in the face and realize, that she doesn't have a feminine face AT ALL. in fact, her face is very masculine. by this time, a sink is open and i continue thinking about this, when the girl next to me says, "i think that was a man." and i can do nothing but agree. there is no doubt in my mind that we were sharing the bathroom with a bonfide cross-dresser. and i suppose i didn't think it was so weird that he/she had on hooker boots and lots of make up, but that he/she used the girls' bathroom. because her voice and stuff made it appear that he/she wasn't taking estrogen or anything. i don't know, it seemed obvious it was a man. but it still weirded me out nonetheless that he/she chose to use the women's restroom. i shared a bathroom with a man today. but it was a man with better make up and longer hair than me. but he was still a man. in the bathroom. i've never done that before. weird.