Friday, May 28, 2004

so i'm getting ready to go out for a bit tonite. the day of I HATE BEING A GIRL is over with, so now i am free to leave. (and on a side note: WHY DID GOD MAKE ME A GIRL?????)

so the natural thing to do is brush your teeth. everyone likes people who brush their teeth. they like it when people have good hygiene overall, and bad breath is a pet peeve of mine. i enjoy minty fresh breath...A LOT.

so i go into the bathroom in order to do said task. i first rinse with my wal-mart version of listerine and then look over for my toothbrush. and that's when i realize, it's GONE. we have a cute little toothbrush holder that happily sits on the back of the toilet (which i think it a little gross, but hey it's not my house and they let me live there for free...no complaining.) and there is only one toothbrush in this holder and it's not mine. i look on the floor, under the sink, and in the little comparment holder thingy. nothing. there is no toothbrush anywhere.

this leads me to only one logical conclusion. SOMEONE STOLE MY TOOTHBRUSH! and i bet that someone was a CAT. i'm thinking that TC finally got fed up of having tuna fish breath. so he and smoky got together to steal my toothbrush. normally TC is a one-cat-job type of kitty, but since he can't jump great heights, he needed the seedy smoky to help him out. so TC opened the bathroom door and smoky jumped up and took my toothbrush. dang cats.

laugh at this thought? i think not. doesn't it make you feel better to think that the cat took your toothbrush instead of a human?