Saturday, May 15, 2004

i have a feeling that today will be a day of many posts. so i'm using this one in particular as an explanation for the many postings of the iceegirl on this lovely, rainy, dreary ohio saturday.

last nite, some of us apexers hung out and went to the lovely home of ralph and stacy. well, i mean rite now only ralph is living there, but when they get married, stacy will live there too. so does that mean that it's the home of ralph and stacy? even though stacy doesn't actually live there? because then, technically, it's only ralph's house, because only he lives there, but i bet they're making joint payments on it in anticipation of their living together. and how does that joint bank account thing work anyway? but i digress.

so we're at said house and stacy offers us beverages. there were four choices and three of the four were coffee-related. the fourth was water. so i was pretty much set on drinking coffee, which was fine, because i was seriously tired, therefore, in need of a serious pick me up. and let me tell you. i got a PICK-ME-UP. stacy lovingly prepared some coffee, but despite all the love she put into it, it wasn't...well...it wasn't exactly the BEST coffee in the world. it was just a tad bit strong. ok, ok, it wasn't a tad bit strong, it was incredibly strong. fantastically strong. amazingly strong. in fact, i can't even describe in words how strong this coffee was. it was S-T-R-O-N-G strong. despite my many, many, many spoonfuls of sugar, that medicine would NOT go down. i managed to down half the cup before ralph provided some more tempting brew. but by that time, the damage was already done. the adrenaline rush was beginning and that caffeine buzz was kicking in. my inhibitions were lowered and i daresay, i was the loudest i've ever been in a room full of people i'm not entirely comfortable with yet. that's the great thing about a caffeine buzz, it's like alcohol without that nasty "getting drunk" side affect. so i had a great time last nite, with help, of course, from the best caffeine buzz ever.

and it's still going strong.

yep, i haven't slept yet. for those of you who are blog post savvy, you noticed that the previous post was time stamped at 7-ish in the morning on a saturday. and for those of you who are lil savvy, you know that that is ATYPICAL. by a LONG shot. but i can't sleep. that coffee provided me with an energizer bunny-type stamina and i'm rarin' to go. too bad everybody else is happy and asleep in their nice warm beds this morning. oh well. i'll just keep on, keep on, keep on postin'.