Thursday, May 27, 2004

don't you hate it when the Holy Spirit lays the smack down on you? everything seems to be AOK in your world and then BAM! God just lets you know that you have NO IDEA what you're doing. NONE AT ALL. :sigh: sometimes, i am such a slow learner! i had no idea forgiving people was such a difficult tasks at times.

and now for a shallow, happy paragraph.

last nite, we went out to eat for robin's birthday. her actual day of birth took place 21 years ago this monday, but jimmy and i were just too busy on monday to do anything special. we surprised her by going to uno's, her favorite restaurant that we never frequent. and it was there that we had the (drum roll please) TASTIEST DESSERT IN THE WORLD!!!!! it was the chocolate peanut butter cup. i searched on the internet for a picture of this amazingly delicious dessert and unfortunately, i had no luck. well, that's a lie. i found a picture of it, but it claims that the URL no longer exists. :0( this saddens me greatly, because i really want to share this lovely treat with all of you. so if there's an uno's near you....go get that dessert! but be careful, it's actually big enough for four people. jimmy, robin, and i could NOT finish it.

and that's all i've got for now. hopefully something funny and blog worthy will happen to me...SOON!