Saturday, May 15, 2004

and you thought i'd stop posting with three (pretty substantial) posts. no way. ain't nothin' gonna break my stride. ain't nothin' gonna hold me down. oh no. i got to keep on postin'.

i thought i'd take this time to publish a little sumthin sumthin for my dear friend jimmy lewis. jimmy, this one's for you bucko.

jimmy, my friend, you are the best
you rise above all of the rest
you broke your ankle with so much zest
that even the doctors were impressed

you never do anything half-heartedly
which is why you walk quite guardedly
now that you can cross the yard-ily
and not show up very tardily

i drove you all up in the D-town
here and there and all around
and plenty of good times abound
since you and i are not mentally sound

no "thank you"'s were needed
because jimmy, you conceded
to buy icees for which i pleaded
and then my happines was succeeded

but instead you surpise the pants
off of me with a gameboy advance
and boy did i dance
because with tetris i'm entranced.

the end.

yep that's rite. jimmy bought me a GAMEBOY ADVANCE. i have been wanting one of those expensive little suckers forever. i can't feed my tetris habit all the time without one, you know? and he got it for me. imagine my surprise when i open the game first. jimmy definitely wins the best friend 2004 award.

here it is all pretty and shiny and red. and with that beautiful tetris game with it! it's just GORGEOUS!

***note: please, if you or anyone you know if a faculty member of the english department at ouchita baptist university, IGNORE this poem. it was a joke! i KNOW it was bad form! i KNOW there was no meter. i know i misused grammar in order to make it rhyme! that's why i never took any of those creative poetry classes! i can't do it!!!!***