Saturday, May 15, 2004

ah, so much to say, so little blogger. where can i even begin?

i dated this guy in college named rains. well, that wasn't his first name. it was his last name. but he went by rains. he was so funny. sadly, our relationship didn't last that long, but for some reason, i have this weird desire to know what's going on in his life. so i really wish he'd keep a blog. keep that thought in mind as you read the next few sentences.

the internet is a WONDERFUL thing. it allows you to stay connected with close friends and not-so-close friends. for example, a offhand comment from my dear friend lana, led me to google for an acquaitance's blog just for the fun of it. and what did i discover? a veritable plethora of obu blogs! granted, i'm not close to any of these guys, but dang skippy, i feel so cool because i found all these things. :0)

so, without further ado, iceegirl productions presents:

i graduated with all of these guys except for the first one. (and just so you know, he was one heck of a cutie and his blog seems to indicate that he is still such.) but what does all this have to do with the aforementioned ex-boyfriend? well, i'll tell you. all of these guys were friends with rains. and i think that since all of them have blogs, then it's only a matter of time before he gets one himself. and let me tell you, when he does, i'm gonna bookmark that puppy and check it everyday. because there is nothing i'd rather do with my time than read about the life of michael rains. what does that say about how i wish to spend my time? well, i prefer not to think about that.

i realize that this post isn't interesting at all for any of you, unless you are a former OBU-er. but i figured i owed it to my friends to let them know that they can now check up on their ex-boyfriends via the internet. isn't the world wide web a wonderful thing?