Tuesday, April 27, 2004

wow, who knew that saying i was fat on my blog would cause people i don't know to comment. good times.

i was sick all day today. as ian would say, my innards were staging a coup. NOT a good time. this led to me having a really boring day, but i had a weird dream. i dreamed i was wal-mart and i was trying to check out, but people kept putting care bear shoes and lacy underwear on the conveyor belt for me to buy. it was really weird. so i miraculously had enough cash to pay for all these purchases and a pile of new care bear shoes and underwear. weird. because really, why would people want me to have ugly care bear shoes and lacy underwear? does that make me a better person? i have no idea.

in other news, i'm looking into the possibility of seminary for my future. yep, you read that rite. seminary. also known as cemetary. the place where preacher boys go to get an education. but don't fret, seminary has improved with age and it's not just for preacher boys anymore. woo-hoo. so we'll see if/how that one works out.

and finally, last, but certainly not least: i need mother's day gift ideas. help me people!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!