Friday, April 23, 2004

well, i thought this would be a big 'YAY' post because i thought i had FINALLY figured out how to post some pics of my very own rite here onto my little blog. i was feeling like a true tech geek, (which is funny because really, i have NO idea what i'm doing...which is obvious because of my results) :0) so, this is my attempt to reveal my TC in technicolor with no links necessary and no silly photo albums to click on. just the joy of a fat cat on the iceegirl's blog. but, alas, i think i failed. :sigh: i worked so hard on this post, that i couldn't stand to let it go to waste, so i'm posting my attempt. and if you can see these pictures, then let me assure you, TC is the bestest fat cat in the ENTIRE world. seriously. garfield, eat your heart out. so here's my attempt at a couple (ok, more than a couple, but i couldn't decide which ones to put on here, so i just put all of the ones i've uploaded so far...it's like i'm a proud parent!) of pics of him. enjoy!!!

looking out the door...i bet he's wondering what'd it be like to wallow in that green, green grass

you lookin' at me?

doesn't he remind you of the sphinx? i've always thought so and this pictures proves that i'm rite. :0)

that's ian's shoe there. i wanted to make sure that those of you who haven't met this cat will understand the general massiveness of TC. and now that you look at this shoe (size 13) you see that that's rite people, this cat is BIG.

check out that adorably obese body!

i think all the picture taking was getting to him. he was kinda looking at me pathetically.

that's all for now! check back for later for shots of care bears and new york and maybe even real people that i actually know! :0)