Saturday, April 10, 2004

today was the international friendship affair at wright state. crosswalk had a booth and i got to work from 3 til 5:30. it was a good time...i got to have lots of good conversations with both internationals and americans. ever wonder if God sends certain people to talk to you about certain things at certain times? :) i was both encouraged and encouraging (at least i THINK i was encouraging.) it's always nice when you get the chance to spread the love of Christ. i definitely don't deserve that opportunity.

on a shallow note, i purchased a pair of care bear flip flops at payless shoes today. :) they are SUPER cute. i couldn't find a picture of them on the internet, so i guess i'll just have to take a pic of them myself and post them. they are SUPER cute!

more shallow news: i also got a cute little plush grumpy bear at claire's. i came THISCLOSE to getting brave heart lion, but due to the rarity of grumpy bear, i purchased him first.

finally in shallow lil news: i just bought these sandals from amazon.com for only $9.99!!! yep! NO tax and NO shipping!!!! WOO-HOO!!!!!
here's a pic of them:

and it gets better. they are normally $34.99!!! now THAT'S a good sale! AND i've been wanting them since the last time i was in taiwan. booyah!

did i just say "booyah?" i THINK i just did. heh.