Thursday, April 29, 2004

just so you know, marshmallows are located on the same aisle with cake batter. i need to remember that for the next time, i have to wander around cub food aimlessly. i could have asked someone for help, but my pride was just too big. i'm a 23 year old woman. i should know where marshmallows are in the grocery store. but doesn't it make sense to anyone else that they'd be in the same aisle with cookies and stuff? they're sweet. but sadly, marshmallows aren't considered sweet on their own. people think that that they're only good for sweetening OTHER foods. i disagree. and therefore, i am going to start the campaign to FREE THE MARSHMALLOW. get them out of that "how to make sweets" aisle and make them a "stand alone sweet." please, join me as i make this important issue known to congress.
thank you.