Friday, April 30, 2004

i am obssessed with this sheep. don't ask me why.

ok, so wednesdays are a good eating day because it's LEE's day. what's lee's day, you ask? well, it's the best day of the week, because lee's famous chicken offers a tasty three piece meal with two sides and a biscuit for only $2.99! jimmy lewis and i ALWAYS go to lee's for lunch on wednesdays.
so this week was just like every other week and i go pick jimmy up. i pull into the drive through and prepare to give my order. as you know, the little man in the box usually says something like, 'welcome to lee's. may i take your order?' well, this week, he must have decided that his customers were DEAF. like, all of them. i think the man in the box thought, "you know, i'd like to scare the crap out of all of my customers today. and i'd also like for everyone withint a one mile radius to hear my beautiful voice today. so i'm gonna turn the speaker up all the way today. yeah, that's right, all. the. way." so, when he came on to speak, the man in the box said, 'WELCOME TO LEE'S!!!!!!!! MAY I TAKE YOUR ORDER???????????' it was SO LOUD, that jimmy and i both jumped and huddled in the corner of my car. this wasn't intentional, but once i the incredible loudness of the lee's man in a box was over, i realized that he and i were practically hanging out the side door. the blast MOVED us. it also hurt my ears. a lot.
hmmm, now that i'm going back and reading this, it's not very funny at all. and that's too bad, so just trust me fair iceegirl reader, it was by far, the funniest lee's famous chicken moment EVER.