Monday, April 12, 2004

easter sundays are notoriously bad for me. i'm not really sure why, especially since it is such a joyous day. seriously, the resurrection of Jesus is AWESOME, but the day we choose to commemorate it with is rarely a good one for me.

for example, my freshman year of college, i was heading back up to the big arkadoo from a lovely easter weekend with my parents. the plan was for my mom to drive me up to de ridder, la to meet up with the coolest of cool girls, emily harkreader. from there, emily would take me to arkadelphia and my mom would return home. well, everything started ok. then we got to baton rouge. we now enter the part of the day where all hell broke loose. i hit a car, taking off the side mirror. this meant we had to pull over and wait for a cop and i cried and cried and cried and cried and it made us really late too. it also meant that we couldn't roll up the driver's side window, which wouldn't have been a problem, except that it started raining. HARD. REALLY hard. so my mom jerryrigged the sunshade to kind of keep the rain from hitting me. we finally got to de ridder and i oops, i can't get a hold of emily. she's at a friend's house and the number she left on the answering machine isn't the rite one. or so i thought. the people in the gas station won't let me make a phone call b/c it's long distance and it's raining so hard outside, i can't hear anyone or anything on the pay phone. (wow, i'm really grateful for cell phones rite now as i type this) so i'm standing in water and there's a tornado warning. by a miracle of God, emily amazingly gets to the gas station and we head off. my poor mother prepares herself for a terrible ride home and emily and i think we're off scott free. no such luck. it's so flooded in shreveport, la, that they basically shut down the whole town. the ENTIRE town. we can't get through to go to arkadelphia. we can't even get through shreveport. so emily calls her dad and he knows someone in shreveport that we can stay with. so we wind up going to a woman's house who emily met once when she was 6 years old. her car BARELY makes it through the flood surrounding this kind woman's house and we spend the nite there. whew. what an easter.

this year's was WAAAAAY better but still funny because of my silly little predicaments. here's a brief recap.

wake up too late
forget to feed dogs
rush to church (try doing make up in car, but realize the swerving in other lanes is a bad thing)
put on make up while waiting for other late kid's towners
act like a fool in front of many people (note: this was planned)
wuss out of running powerpoint
go to NEW 1:00 service
get taco bell for "special" easter lunch
realize keys are inside locked house
go to neighbor's house in order to procure spare key
realize neighbor isn't home
sit in driveway and eat taco bell
fall asleep in car (still in the driveway) for 3 hours
receive call to get key
finally go inside and relax

MUCH less stressful than many of my previous easter sundays, but still so pathetic sounding. i really did have a fun day, but it seems like every Easter sunday, something bad happens to try and make me forget why it's such a big day. and yesterday certainly reminded me that i am a really big goober. but guess what? Jesus still loves me. and He died and rose again for goobers like me. woo-hoo!!

and now i am going to go drown my tax sorrows in some chocolate...and that, my friends, is a whole 'nother post.