Monday, March 08, 2004

so i'm lazy...this means that i often wear the same shirt all day long. even though i may wake up for church late and get dressed in a hurry, i'll still look like that (read: crap) all day long. or if i get up early and decide to look cute, then i stay in that same uncomfortable outfit the ENTIRE day. so yesterday, i put on the lovely and bright "kid's town" t-shirt and headed to church (late, as usual). i then proceeded to wear the shirt all day (lazy, as usual). but i forgot that i had on this incredibly loud orange shirt with the words KID'S TOWN emblazoned brightly on the front. and all day i kept noticing that children were being extra friendly to me. they kept laughing and saying 'hi' and just being really nice. this completely threw me off, because i am normally the person who makes children cry or run away in fear. while i was in line at wal-mart, these two kids kept talking to me about the deep things in life like Spiderman, the amount of stuff we were purchasing, and the bumps in the little conveyor belt thingy. then the little girl (who i'm thinking was only 4 or 5) said, "guess what? i'm crazy!" and i was like, "you're crazy? really?" and she said, "yeah! i'm crazy!" and then smacked herself in the forehead. i just laughed and she said, "see? i'm crazy!" at that point, her mom and the checkout lady were laughing and a good time was had by all. i left wal-mart thinking, wow, those kids were really friendly. and then i realized it. it wasn't ME they were attracted to. it was the SHIRT. silly kid's town attracting children to me like magnets. i was slightly disheartened to know that my own natural charisma couldn't cause a child to smack herself in the face, but glad to know that a bright orange shirt could.